Friday 4 May 2018

Jittery Neighbours

As I mentioned yesterday, my parking options (near work) have been reduced as of late. This has led to some (as expected) jittery neighbours.

Okay, so where I work the road bends about half a block up from where I work. I like parking here because it is therefore the widest part of the road.

This is important because in the dead of winter and the pattern of ploughing of the roads that the city does, I am shoved into the street due to the formation of snowcrete burms. 

(Mental note: get a hold of snow shovel before next winter so as to shovel my favourite stretch of curb bare from the first snowfall to the last.)

Yet there is a warehouse at that corner which has large trucks that come and go. 

Frequently this means that one or more of those trucks are waiting for their warehouse door to open up. 

This means that they are parked on that street. Again they have a job to do and have as much right to that street as I do, I begrudge them nothing.

There is one truck that is there on a regular basis and they park down the street a half block, so as to leave my little spot open for me. I greatly appreciate this. 

Yet, there is a cube van that is mucking the usual order of things up by being parked in a very inconvenient spot, and not moving for about a month.

They are parked in the spot that the considerate trucker parks. 

This then means that the only other place on that stretch of road, without going out and coming from a different direction is my favourite spot at the corner. 

So, I then took to parking in front or behind of that cube van, because I could fit (and had to park somewhere).

Yet, a manager from the business that the cube van is parked in front of “kindly” asked me to never park in front of their place again (because my trailer is hard to see around when coming and going from their lot.)

After that there has always been (surprise, surprise) a vehicle parked in front an behind of that cube van.

This means that I now have to park (when my favourite spot is taken up) on the other side of the street. 

Due to how things are situated, this means parking right next to the building I work in. I don’t like doing this because it is too close to work, and the people around here are a bit jittery. 

There have been a few break-ins in this place and so I suppose that is understandable. 

Where I work is situated in one of those “commercial condos” meaning that each bay is owned individually, yet there is a condo board to look after everything.

Even worse is the fact that the company I work at doesn’t own the bay we operate out of, we rent it from another company. 

This sets up a tenuous situation, where I don’t want to do anything to tick anyone off thereby causing problems for the company I work for (due to crap rolling downhill).

So it was aggravating, yet understandable to see not one but two trucks slow to a stop next to me before turning to enter the place that I work.

I am not exactly a new sight on this street. I have been parking my trailer on this street every workday since July of 2014.

The one day I park beside the building everyone sees me walking to and from, every work day, all of a sudden they are “concerned.”

We shall see if there are any notes, nasty or otherwise, left on my windshield or if I am “encouraged” to never park here again by some “concerned citizen.”

It is funny how people are used to certain patterns and if you disrupt that pattern, they get concerned. 

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