Friday 8 September 2017

People in Pain

I ran across a man who was not doing so well, last night. Don’t get me wrong, he seemed to be in decent health, yet not doing so well in spirit.

Yesterday was payday, so after doing my running around that I do each payday, I went back to my Western Home.

The trouble is that the end of the parking lot that I usually park in was full. So, I went back to an end of the parking lot that I have parked at before.

It is in this end that there are a cluster of RV units that I have seen in the same spots on a regular basis. 

Whether they have never moved or just keep going back to the same spots I can’t be sure; I just see them in the same spots.

I did a scant bit of grocery shopping, just a few items, I was tired, after which I relaxed. I will be back this weekend and do my regular shopping then.

It was around dusk when it started; a man berating an invisible companion. They were either invisible or totally silent; I suspect the former.

I won’t go into detail about what was, despite its volume, a private conversation. One thing was clear that this man was haunted by mistakes and ghosts of his past.

Things we could have or should have done all coming back to haunt us when we are still and quiet. 

Friends, lovers and companions gone by who have let us down or otherwise failed to live up to our expectations and standards, all leave a mark, a mark that can’t be seen.

I am not immune to such things, nor are any of us. So, I do not look down upon or otherwise wish to snicker at another’s pain and sorrow. 

I did, however, move. No, it was not because of the noise nor really because I felt in fear for my safety. 

I moved because I did not feel comfortable there. I have always had the attitude that for me to sleep in a place, I need to feel comfortable there. 

There are always other places to park, and my peace of mind is worth it. 

This blog entry is just to shine a light on the people who are out here as Urban Nomads of less than their own volition, who are living in less than ideal circumstances. 

Yet, despite how hard it is or what inner battles they are fighting, they are here, they are alive and they are surviving. May they, like all of us, finally put the ghosts of their past to rest.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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