Thursday 7 September 2017

Payday Reset

It happened again . . . my hiney was saved by payday. I had a slightly better than average paycheque, which compensated for some unforeseen expenses.

This means that I am now back on track, at least fiscally. I am still apprehensive as to how they the next three paycheques will unfold. 

This one, at least, sees me back on track and doing a-okay. I still (and eternally) need to watch my spending and stay on budget; but I am back on target.

I have resolved that I will make my minimum take home pay for each of the next three paycheques, no matter what. 

No, I won’t demand more money from my boss, rob a bank or do anything stupid. I will just take a bit from my holiday pay, if I need to. 

As I have said before, my income comes from two areas, neither one I control. One is from my hourly rate and the other is from commission from online sales.

I don’t control how many work days are in a given pay period, nor do I control who buys what or when online. 

(I just sacrifice an avocado to the gods of online shopping and hope for the best.)

All I can do is do my job the best that I can, manage my expenses, and hope for the best. 

So, if I need to make up an income shortfall, I will just take a bit of vacation pay from that pile. 

As in the vacation pay that I have built up with the company, by not going on any vacation, or taking very few vacation days.

(It’s not like I’m going on a vacation anytime soon . . . those things cost money.)

I am now feeling better and more confident to be on track and this close to this (for me) so momentous a goal. 

I will continue to be vigilant, hopeful yet optimistic as time ticks down. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.   

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