Friday 22 September 2017

One and None, I’ll Be Done!

It is now officially one calendar month until the payday that will make me Totally Debt Free. I swear this blog entry will not be focussed on that, but I had to mention it.

Today is also payday, more specifically it is the third payday (including the glorious one) before Total Debt Freedom. 

That means this is coming down to the wire time for me. I have the power to either make my goal or miss it, it is all up to me (and random chance).

So, I have no wiggle room with regards to my targets, and with this paycheque being about what I had expected (frustrating) I have to make cuts.

Yet, I can’t cut either my savings or my Extra Wanda payment targets. Neither can I cut my bills, as debts must be paid. You don’t need to eat, but you need to pay the cell bill.

So that leaves my expenses, and this payperiod the target is groceries. I will be underfunding my groceries wallet. 

This means I will only be putting back half of what I spent out of it during the last payperiod. (Part of the reason for having the wallets is for this eventuality.)

Since I am being frugal, I will still have more in the wallet, then I had spent out of it, so, I’ll be fine. This is also why being frugal in spending out of the wallets is good.

This is just another way for me to make sure that the glorious day of freedom happens, regardless of the mistakes of the recent past. 

I cannot control the income side, but I can control the expenses side of my budget, and control it I will. In so doing, I: have, can and will achieve my goals and better my life.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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