Monday 25 September 2017

In 0 And 4, It’ll Be No More!

And on the fourth Monday He shall be free . . . so sayeth the me. 

It will be four Mondays from now, that I will be walking into my bank and paying off my Wanda Loan. In so doing, I will be debt free. 

To be technical and in the interest of being honest, I will have a couple of hundred dollars on a Credit Card, but that is the subject of tomorrow’s blog, 

At any rate the balance of that card will be paid off on the payday on November the 7th. So, I consider that debt to be under the heading of “current expenses.”

For now, I am now really and truly in the home stretch and I am starting to feel better and more positive about things. 

It is like a weight is starting to lift from my shoulders. It is like I am starting to let myself actually believe this is going to happen. 

(Mental note to self: Watch out for fiscal snipers.)

Even though my life will not change all that much and I will endure much of the same, the thought of the freedom that I will gain, sustains me.

I will get through this month and then, after that, I will work to build my future. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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