Wednesday 20 September 2017

On Target For An Undesirable Goal

Part of my success is that I keep a weather eye on my finances, on a daily basis 

Each morning I login to my online banking to check the status of my bank accounts and credit cards. 

I want to know what payments have gone through, and which ones have not. I also want to keep an eye on what charges (if any) have gone through that shouldn’t have.

That is not all, every day or two (at max) I look at and review my budget. I look over what I have spent and what I have yet to spend and ask if that is necessary. 

I constantly tweak my budget to try to squeeze every dollar that I can out of it, yet somehow still do what I need to do. 

Then reality bites me in the butt, and shoves me back. 

For example, the cost of winterizing Wanda has gone up this year, considerably. 

I could possibly do it myself, but for me, the cost of having it done professionally is worth it. 

I know me and I would go to a campsite and be meticulous about it. I would spend more time and money than just grumbling and paying to have it done.

Each time that I am hit with one of these extra costs I am back to being on track to make that frustrating target. 

I am talking about the exasperating target of being debt free with less than $20.00 to my name, of course.

But, there is a bright side . . . it will make a great headline.

The truth is that as frustrating as it is, I don’t care if I end up with less than a dollar to spare, as long as I become debt free, (on the day) that is all that matters.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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