Tuesday 26 September 2017

Celebration Vacation Booked!

I got to thinking as time ticked down towards the big day . . . how to celebrate it? The debate really was how to celebrate it frugally, and if I could afford to celebrate it at all.

Since my bank is closed on Sundays, I can’t do my banking on the actually payday of October 22nd. This means that I have to do my banking on Monday the 23rd. 

The plan was that after work I would do my usual running around . . . yet that seemed wrong somehow . . . to work? On Total Debt Freedom Day? Was that right? 

No, no it wasn’t.

So, I asked Boss, if I could have just Monday the 23rd off, but the whole week off as well, and he agreed. So, yesterday afternoon I booked my campsite in Banff. 

What will happen now is that, on the weekend of the Oct 20 – 22nd, I will stay in my Western Home, as per usual.

On Monday morning I will go to the bank and after doing my usual banking (at my appointment) pay off the Wanda Loan.

Then, that afternoon I will take the leisurely drive to Banff and setup camp. There I will stay until the following Monday morning, (when I will drive to work bright and early).

I will try to get out and do some hiking or rather do more than plop and twitch. At any rate I will relax and take the time for me, a small reward for accomplishing this great feat.

As you might have guessed the cost of this excursion has been put on a credit card and that card will not be paid off until November (either 7th or the 22nd is still under debate).

At any rate, this is my low interest card and I will pay $50.00 per payday in the meantime to keep it more than happy. Yes I had to rearrange my budget a bit.

Whilst it is debt, it is debt that is small and under control (less than $500.00, all told) and as I said, it will be paid off within two months (max). 

Once the Wanda Loan is paid off, I will control debt, it will not control me, and it will do so, no more.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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