Tuesday 11 July 2017

The Bleeding Has Stopped (Partially)

So, it is official, I only have two bills in the Debt Column. That’s it, only two bills that I am contractually obligated to pay each and every month. 

The first is my cell phone bill, but I have long since outlived the “you must be with us for X years” requirement. 

(For some reason I haven’t met them ensnare me again.)

I like to think that I have the cell company a bit nervous in so far as I am in a position that I can leave at any time without penalty. 

(Cause they’re terrified of little old me leaving them . . . oh yeah . . . sure.)

I have already done the “squawk until you get to Customer Service, Level 2” where you talk to “Customer Retention” department where they give you something closer to a fair deal. 

I checked this morning and no Truck Insurance Payment went out of my account, thereby leaving me finally free of this monthly bill.

I, therefore, only have one monthly (bi-weekly actually) bill that is unavoidable . . . the Wanda Loan Payment.

Each payday I am still putting a smaller sum directly on the loan each payday, and putting as much as I can into savings. 

All with the plan to pay the Wanda Loan off on October 22nd of this year. After that I will be totally debt free. 

I say this because the only monthly bill I will have, my cell bill, I have total control over, I can cut it off or switch companies at any time.

I will continue and do what I can within my stringent budgets. Each day I have to make decisions as to what I can afford and what I can’t.

I have to continue my savings plan, yet maintain a balanced budget and zero balance on my credit cards. I will not get into that mess of out of control debt again.

In order to do that, I need to continue to my frugal ways of dealing with the cash that flows through my fiscal system. 

With interest rates now going up, all those people who have been living on debt, particularly lines of credit, or wore, credit cards, will start to feel the pinch.

I may have more company in my Western Home yet . . . either that or I may have to actually start that “Economic Refugee Camp.”

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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