Tuesday 18 July 2017

No Fridge, No Problem

It is a strange thing in this modern world for a home not to have a refrigerator. It is even stranger, not to miss it. Let me elaborate.

This all started when I discovered the leak in my propane system and had to shut down my whole propane system. 

Since my fridge runs on either 120 VAC or propane (and 12 VDC to run the control circuits) I need propane to run the fridge. Thus: no propane = no fridge.

A colleague was willing to take my frozen lunches and stuff them in his freezer at his house. Each day he brings me my lunch (thanks, Bud).

So this means that the main reason for my fridge (to keep those lunches frozen) is no longer valid.

Since I am on the economy drive to beat all economy drives, and I have nobody but little old me to take care of (or nag at me for my bad food choices) I can eat cheeeeeeeeeaply (and so I will).

If I had others to look after, I would make different choices, particularly if there were little ones running about (and I’m not talking about a cat or small dog).

As it stands now, all I have in my fridge is a few condiments, margarine and cheese slices. They seem to be fine . . . so far. 

I do buy items in smaller amounts so they don’t hang around long enough to be a problem. So, that modern mess of chemicals and preservatives seem to be helping me out.

I may look at reactivating my fridge when the weather gets cooler and thus I wouldn’t have to run it 24/7 just to keep things cool.

For now, it is an added (and unnecessary) expense, and since I am in ultra-scrooge mode, I will manage for now.

All in all, it has been an interesting experience to do without something that has been seen as an essential element to life: a refrigerator. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

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