Thursday 6 July 2017

Propane Problems

So, good news/bad news . . . the good news is that I will be saving on propane, the bad news is that I have to shut my fridge down.

Let me explain and sum in up with this statement . . . I have gone through two tanks in a week and a half. I definitely have a leak in my propane system somewhere.

In order to save my food, specifically my frozen food for lunches, a colleague at work has agreed to put my frozen food in his freezer. (And bring on each day for my lunch).

I will fill both of my propane bottles up yet not leave one “on” all the time, as per usual. I will keep both tanks cranked down, or shut off all the time.

When I want to cook or use propane, I will open up one of them, cook or do what I have to do, and then crank down that propane valve again.

This means that I can’t run my fridge at all (unless I am connected to the grid all the time and I can run it on AC. Either that, or run the generator a few hours each night. 

For me, other than my lunches (which will be safe) I really don’t have all that much that has to be refrigerated. I like cold stuff and it is nice, but not essential . . . for me.

I will do my best to find where the leak is using the old soap and water method. This is where you spray or pour soap and water over the pipes and valves and look for bubbles. 

My suspect is the hoses that connect the tanks to the regulator and perhaps the regulator itself. I don’t know, but I will see.

This is because of all the removing and replacing of the tanks in the front that I have done over the past month (for BBQing) and of course over the almost three years that I have lived in Wanda

This is yet another expense at a time when I don’t need another expense. I could put Wanda in the shop and have them fix her, but there are a few problems with that scenario. 

For one, it takes a month to get an appointment. For the other, every day that the trailer is in the shop, I am in a hotel. 

So this is an expense on top of an expense, all at a time when I am coming down the home stretch to Total Debt Freedom.

Somehow, someway I will make it. So I have to forgo my fridge for the time being, so what? Come winter my whole house will be a fridge, then a freezer.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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