Wednesday 31 August 2016

The Silly Things We Do

It’s funny, here I am in the midst of the dying days of summer, a treasured treat here on the prairies to be sure and I am thinking of fall and beyond that to winter.

I am going through my mental checklist of things that I will need to be sure to do or have before the cold winter hits. 

I am also taking time to appreciate the little things that I will miss once fall hits and even further, when winter hits.

Little things like: running water, having a shower in my bathroom. Not worrying about water freezing overnight. 

Lounging around in my shorts with the door and windows open, that light breeze floating through the house. 

Then on to being able to still be able to use my sink to wash my hands and yes use my toilet.

It is part of the mourning process of loosing these little pleasures and knowing that the hard times of the cold season will soon be upon me.

What sparked my thoughts on such a path? Well, they say that the winter this year will be colder and much harsher than last year.

I have been through this before and I will be okay, I know that. I have been down to -30C in my trailer and survived.

I know that I could pack it in or go rent a space somewhere to weather winter in a warm and cosy fashion. 

I know, however that this would mean that I would not be able to meet my target of total debt freedom by Total Debt Freedom Day.

It is just funny how when we are enjoying something nice and cosy that we tend to think about the hard times to come. Perhaps it is prudence perhaps it is worry, or perhaps it is self-sabotage.

It is just interesting, that’s all, but whatever it is, it will not dissuade me.

As always: Keep your head up your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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