Monday 15 August 2016

Nineteen Going on Eighty-Three

Right now I am sitting at nineteen (19) . . . that’s right nineteen percent (19%). I can keep, save and/or do what I want with nineteen percent (19%) of my take home pay.

I don’t count my gross pay (as in before taxes) because that is out of my control. Also, let’s face it filing your tax return makes all of us feel like Oliver “Please, Sir, can I have a little bit back, Sir?” (But I digress.)

Effectively that number is zero (0%), as these days every last penny that I have in my budget either goes to bills, debts or expenses. 

The money I am putting aside into either of my savings accounts are bills to myself. The Mid-Term Savings is there to provide for my minor emergencies or to live on if need be. 

The Long-Term Savings is there to build up so I can pay off Wanda. So, while, technically there is cash in there, there isn’t, not really.

That money is allocated and therefore “spent” unless I am suddenly unemployed or some other emergency necessitates using it. Either that or there is some real estate deal I can’t pass up.

Given what I am about to tell you, that had better be some sweet deal indeed. As I said before, as it stands now, nineteen percent (19%) of my income is discretionary. 

Once I hit that magic day of January 16, 2018 (otherwise known as Total Debt Freedom Day) that number will rise, overnight to eighty-three percent (83%).

(Okay, now: scream, rant and rail at the unfairness of it all, doubt the validity of my claim, call me nasty names, pause, deep breath . . . aaaaand we’re back.)

This came out of my doing a bit of forecasting budgeting for what the day after Total Debt Freedom Day would look like. I did this to help motivate myself . . . and it worked (gloating happy dance).

Now and again I do ask myself “Why the heck am I doing this?” and consider packing it in. Particularly when winter is just around the corner and all that entails.

Sure, I now have momentum and that sense of “normalcy” about this lifestyle on my side. After all, I have been living in Wanda for just over two years now.

I do get to second-guessing and ponder the wisdom of doing something “normal” like living in a fixed address. This budget kinda helped keep those feelings at bay.

I will have a fixed address; I will get there. It still remains to be seen: where it is, how big it is, and if I live there alone, just with my woman, with my family or any and all comers ( 

Who knows, but that is the wondrous joy that is the future. Like Doc Brown said “Your future isn’t written, no one’s has, so make it a good one!” 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

P.S. I’m nineteen going on eighty-three, what’re you at?

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