Thursday 4 August 2016

Arnie’s Rules For Success

This blog entry started with me scrolling through my Facebook Feed, as we always do and coming across a Meme that caught my attention. 

Again, nothing new, but this was one which attributed a list of “Six Rules of Success” to “Arnold Schwarzenegger.” 

I will post that pic, but admit that I have no idea where it came from or who owns the right to it, but post it here for educational purposes.

Also, in the interest of clarity and fairness, I give Arnold Schwarzenegger credit for the list as it has been attributed to him. 

What I will do is offer my own take on what each of these “Rules” mean.

I was going to do my own list but quickly found out that not only did I agree with these rules but I am also following them . . . and succeeding . . . who knew.

I have taken to even put them up on my “Inspiration Board,” That place above my stove where I can look up and remind myself that I am not a total failure. 

1) Trust Yourself

To me, this means that you need to trust in yourself to follow through and have faith in your abilities. 

You need to believe in yourself and know really know that you will steadily improve and know, trust that you will succeed. 

(Once again, you are not the failure that you tell you tell yourself that you are.)

2) Break Some Rules

I don’t think that this implies to try to by food at a fast food place without wearing shoes or a shirt, or even running around with scissors. 

I also don’t think that it means to go out and break the law. At least I don’t advise you to.

What this means to me is don’t be afraid to break some rules of convention. As in, don’t always do what the crowd or society expects you to do. 

Don’t be afraid to go out there and do something different that will most likely make people wonder what you are doing and even perhaps laugh at you. 

(As in live in a trailer, that you tow behind your vehicle wherever you go, sleeping as you park on the roadside or in parking lots.)

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

This is a big one and is the one rule that stops most people. We want to win every time that we try something. Every time we get to bat we want to hit that home run. 

Life is not like that and we learn and gain much more from our failures than we ever do from our successes. 

I am talking from personal experience on this one. So get out there, try something and fall flat on your face! You will be better for it, trust me on that one.

4) Ignore The Naysayers

This one is also a big one that stops a lot of people from doing something new and different. 

A few friends or associates or the collective wisdom of the internet says that something can’t be done or is a bad idea so we don’t even try.

Once again, if you have a dream an idea, or a vision, just get out there and try, and ignore the people who say that you can’t or shouldn’t do it. 

You don’t want those people in your life anyways. The greatest gift negative people can give you is the silence after they finally leave you alone . . . I also know this one from personal experience.

5) Work Like Hell 

I like the term “Work your butt off,” as I have seen two versions of this list. This one is a simple rule, get out there and work towards your dream, vision, goal etcetera. 

Nothing comes to you, so you will need to get out there and work for it, and be prepared to work hard and sacrifice to get what you want. 

Standing there with your hand out or demanding freebees from family and friends will get you nowhere. (At least with me.)

6) Give Something Back

This is a good rule and motto for life in general, as it helps to keep thing in balance. As you succeed and get better it is good to help others as well. 

I will not go into the various ways that I have been helpful or charitable as I believe that true charity is done in private and not for glory or recognition.

I would like to think that one way I give back is through this blog. I give back by letting people know my experiences and what I have learned. 

I hope that someone has found something useful through this blog.   

In order to end on a happy note and just because the sunrise looked great this morning, here is your sunrise pic.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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