Monday 29 August 2016

Back To Work(ing the plan)

Okay, so I have been slacking off a tad with regards to my fiscal prudency this summer. The trip to the coast did put me in a more spendthrift mood (for me anyways.)

I have tended to cheat a bit on my two cards. The low interest rate card has had a bit of a balance on it due to me buying a laptop and new glasses and I have been adding to it. 

Thankfully the rate is low and so are the minimum payments. I have been charging sometimes more than the payments that I have put on this card, however. 

I have named this card EF’it but don’t despair, I do have a plan to get it paid off, and it is next in line after paying that IOU to the Long-Term Savings Account.

Still, the fact that I have been nudging the balance up is not a good thing and needs to stop. This was one of the resolutions that I came to this weekend.

The other card is my higher interest rate card and this one I have been able to keep at a zero balance. I still pay it off in full each and every payday, so I am still doing that.

I do charge a few things on it, but mostly these have been things for the house that I need. Still, each charge on this card is cash stolen from the next payday’s budget.

So, I will resume my winter and miserly ways, as I have lofty goals and all that this spending will do is: blow my budget, sink my plans, and put me back where I was three years ago.

I will continue to walk that balance between being too much of a miser and too much of a spendthrift. 

It is a greater challenge when, in essence, now and for the last two and three-quarters of a year my cash is not my own, it still is allocated. 

In truth, for the last decade, at least, my cash has not been my own. That is, in essence, what I am working towards: debt freedom and therefore total freedom.

So, for now, I need to continue to hunker down, stay miserly and live cheaply. In so doing I will better my life and my situation. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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