Wednesday 3 August 2016

New Pay Period Budgeter

With my Vacation over, the next phase in this journey is to buckle down and get to some serious savings. 

To help accomplish this I have tweaked my Pay Period Budgeter Spreadsheet that I use to budget and keep my savings plan on track.

I have not only updated the link that always remains on the left side of this blog but also will include it in this blog entry. 

The changes I have made will allow me to monitor the impact of the current budget on my three different bank accounts. 

As in I want to see how much they go up or down as a result of what I do during this current pay period. 

Once again all of the boxes encased in a purple border are for you to input information in and all others are calculated for you. 

If you do download this spreadsheet for your own use (which I encourage you to do) keep an untouched backup copy before you tweak it to suit your particular fiscal needs. 

After that, before using it I recommend “Protecting” the sheet so that you don’t inadvertently type over a formula or otherwise damage the sheet.

Here is an overview of the Pay Period Budgeter. 

The sheet is broken down into 6 sections: 

1. Liquid Asset: As in my bank accounts.
2. Income: As in where am I getting money from during this pay period.
3. Debts: These are the bills that I pay, where there is an obligation to pay. (Credit card, Cell bill, etc.)
4. Expenses: These are things you spend money on, but there is no obligation to pay. (Groceries, Fuel, etc.)
5. Savings: This is what I will be putting into each of my savings account each pay period (Hint: The end goal of all of this fiscal restraint is to be able to actually do this.)
6. Final Summary: This is the area that sums up just what you spent in what area and how you did. (This is a handy tool for budgeting.)

Here are some screenshots of the spreadsheet. 

Once again, the purpose of this blog is not to brag or even to be mere entertainment, but to inspire. 

I want other people to see that it is possible to get out from under crushing debt by primarily “Downgrading your lifestyle so you can upgrade your finances.”

Not only that, but by showing people what I am doing and the results thereof, people can (hopefully) learn from my mistakes. 

I never claim to be an expert, just a regular guy clomping about figuring out what works and what doesn’t as I go. 

If anyone has any questions or just needs a nudge to get started on your own journey, drop me a line via the contact form on the upper left

Without further fuss, here is the link for the revised Pay Period Budgeter.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and Keep moving forward!

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