Friday 12 August 2016

Do You Need That Data?

Okay, so because of my trip last month, I (surprise, surprise) almost went over my data plan. Thankfully my mobile phone provider messaged me when I was at 90% of my plan.

So, that meant that I turned off my mobile data on my Phone and iPad. With the computer I just didn’t plug the cell modem . . . thing into my computer and done.

This worked and I did not go over my data plan amount. It got me thinking though, do I really need mobile data on my phone?

For me, I always have my phone and iPad with me, or rather the iPad is always within reach.  My iPad is either with me or it is around the house somewhere. Since my house is always parked nearby, it is always nearby.

My phone is about as old as my truck and so these days all I expect it to do is to: 1) make and receive phone calls and 2) send and receive texts aaaaaaannnd that’s it.

(Can I just get my Star Trek Communicator Badge yet?)

So after my plan ticked over to that magical day when your data plan resets and you can use your mobile data again . . . I got to thinking . . . when it comes to my phone . . . do I need mobile data?

Sure, I need mobile data on my laptop, as it is my only source of internet as the places that I park at do not have decent (or any) free Wi-Fi (Jerks). 

The data on my iPad is pretty much a necessity and I can do all sorts of things on it. So much so, that I don’t bother to fire up my laptop, unless it is something that I have to do on the laptop.

With the phone and what little I expect of it, I don’t see the need to turn the mobile data on. I can steal Wi-Fi at work for updates and other hot spots here and there as I walk about.

Since I share a large pool of data between the three devices this means that I now have more data to use on devices that are much newer and easier to use.

The other bonus is that I have found that by turning my mobile data off, the battery on the phone lasts twice as long, so there is that added bonus. 

I still plan to keep this phone as I don’t see the need to upgrade the phone because my expectations from my phone have decreased. 

If I want to look at a webpage or other stuff, I want the larger screen of the iPad. Any apps that I could or want to get on the phone I can get on the iPad and guess what, they’re nicer and easier to use.

So, one tip to save a bit of cash, and that all important mobile data, is to turn that mobile data off and only turn it on if you need it, for only as long as you need it.

For no reason, here is your morning sunrise shot:

As always keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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