Monday 22 August 2016

Meh, Close Enough

As I was leaving work on Friday afternoon, as usual Boss asked me what my plans were for the weekend. This was fine, usual and expected, as he regularly does this out of curiosity.

After that the conversation turned to winter and my Urban Nomad Lifestyle. Again, something that has happened on a reoccurring basis.

He mentioned that he felt that come next fall (as in a year from now) we should see some great real estate deals in the local market, I agreed. 

He then mentioned that he felt that come next October, that I should just “Give it up” that by that point I should be “close enough” to my goal and move out of my trailer. 

In essence, what he is saying that he doesn’t want to see me go through another winter. This was more out of words of advice from a friend than anything else.

I just politely reminded him that by next November or December I should be able to pay Wanda off completely. I left it at that.

This does raise the interesting point of if you should take the advice of people around you or just keep on doing what you feel is right. 

If I surveyed most of my friends or colleagues, they would tell me to stop this silliness and get a place now. That winter was too cold to go through again.

For me, and what I keep coming back to is this: what would be the point of throwing in the towel ten feet from the finish line? 

Are you kidding me? Quit a race when you are so close to winning? My goal is to be totally debt free, first and foremost. 

Sure, I have said, and maintain, that if a steal of a real estate deal comes along that I will take it. Yet it has to be the property that I want, located where I want and for the price that I want.

Until then, I will keep on keeping on, living in my trailer and doing my best to get my hiney ahead as quickly as I can. I, and I alone, will decide when I quit this Urban Nomad Journey. 

Again, this is a temporary measure to repair the disastrous fiscal situation that I put myself in. I am not doing this for fame, fortune or to impress anyone, just to improve my life and my financial health.

So today’s word of wisdom is that you should always follow your gut and do what you feel is best for you. After all you are the only one who has to live with the consequences.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward! 

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