Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Comfy Place

I approach this payday, which in reality for me won’t be until Tuesday Evening (a week from now) with trepidation. This delay is due to the fact that technically payday is on Sunday, but I am in Waterton Lakes. Sure I will be back in town on Monday evening, but it is a bank holiday. Thus, I will do my banking on the following evening . . . Tuesday.

I am anxious for this payday because it will allow me to get back to my comfy place. What this means is that I will finally get my finances back to the place where I have that feeling that I am doing okay, not great but okay. 

I have said that I want to have at least $1K in my Main Account at all times and $1K in my Mid-Term Savings Account. This payday, while being very tight, I will be able to get back up to that place. I can and will then build from there. 

I want to have at least $6K in my Mid-Term Savings with an eventual goal of 10K in there. This is for me to draw down on in case of unemployment or other eventualities. 

My Long Term Savings Account is still for me to save up for long term goals like paying off Wanda or a house. While I can draw on my Mid-Term Savings if I wish, I intend to leave the Long Term savings alone if at all possible. 

My RRSP is a hole into which I throw money, never to expect to see it again or for it to do anything (but that is another rant).

This anxiety is healthy as it means that I have successfully trained my mind to accept certain fiscal realities as “normal.” Once you have accepted something as “normal” your mind will work to achieve and maintain that “normal.” As was the case for me for so many years, my “normal” was living in the bottom of my overdraft. 

I do not say these things to brag but just to remind everyone that you have the capacity to change your reality.  Do not accept or be complacent about your life, fiscal or otherwise, set a goal for yourself, demand better of, and for, yourself, and go out and work towards it. 

The first step to improving your life is to decide to do so, next comes setting a measurable goal, after that (with determination and hard work) comes success. Success begets success, so set easy goals but don’t settle for mediocracy. 

In other words, get uncomfortable about your current situation and set your “comfy place” a bit further down the road. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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