Wednesday 4 May 2016

I’m Tumbleweed

I didn’t go to bed till late last night. I stayed up listening to the broadcasts of the massive fire in Fort McMurray, for some reason I had to, I was compelled to. 

I listened to story after story of people fleeing, leaving behind almost everything, and just trying to get out of the path of the wall of destruction and devastation that nobody saw coming.  

As I did this, two things hit me, one was that I could get out early and take everything I own with me, and two, that this was little comfort for me. 

I thought on what I would do if I was living in Fort McMurray yesterday and I drew little solace. I would have gone to the store, bought some food, an extra jerry can and probably an extra propane tank. 

After topping up with fuel, I would have driven to one of the evacuation centres and just pitched in to help out. I could do that as I am fairly self-sufficient and self-contained. At most I would ask for a place to plug Wanda in, otherwise I still have Jenny and plenty of fuel. 

As I go over this in my mind all I can think of is this . . . sure, I would be okay, but so what?  

Those stories of people clutching a few necessities and those mementos before fleeing hit me. I did a mental inventory and I, myself, have a sparse few mementos; most of what I own is functional and necessary.

What few mementos I have are all tucked away in storage areas either in Wanda or Trea. I haven’t seen them since I laid them down there two years ago. After all this time, are they still mementos or just dead weight? I’m not sure. 

One could argue that they are a connection to my own roots, and I do strive for the day when I do have a place to take them out and put them on some sort of display. That day is, as yet beyond the murky veil of the future.

What hits me most of all about this, apart from the senseless devastation is that even after all that the people of Fort McMurray have lost is that they still have so much more than I may ever have: family, community . . . roots.

I will continue, and I will persevere, that much I know, that much I swear. For now though, this tumbleweed existence is what I need, and it is fulfilling its stated objective: namely finally letting me get ahead financially. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

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