Monday 9 May 2016

Active and Productive Weekend

I did my running around and made sure to walk whenever I could, rather than move the truck and trailer the short distance from one store to another. This is also out of convenience for parking but also for fitness. 

I didn’t go for my bike ride in the river valley on Saturday afternoon as it was too hot for me to do so. I did go for a bike ride in the evening around the industrial park though, and that was something. 

I had a BBQ on both Friday night and Saturday night, just because I could. I was also able to do a bit of writing that I have wanted to get to. All in all it was a productive weekend that I balanced fitness and activity with work and errands. 

On the financial front, I did pause my Long Term Savings this month; or rather I have started to do so. I was able to pay my credit cards off and dip only slightly further into my personal overdraft. 

With my projected budget for next payday, however I should be able to not only get my hinny out of my personal overdraft but also fully fund my Mid-Term Savings as well. 

This payday will be a bit challenging as it is within this pay period cycle that I am going down to Waterton Lakes for the long weekend (Yay!). 

What this means for my budget is that I will need more money for fuel. I could have decided to put whatever it was on the credit card and pay for it when I get back, but that is not advised. What I have done is budgeted for a full fuel budget this time (as in a full tank of fuel). 

What this will get me is the half tank that I needed this time (due to my impromptu weekend in Banff last weekend) and one more half tank. I plan to spend another half tank on the next budget which is aptly timed to be the day after I come back.

The other thing that I have done is to give myself (technically my Long Term Savings) an IOU. I have posted a bright red notice on my bulletin board to remind me that I still owe this month’s money to my Long-Term Savings account.

I have goals to achieve this year and just giving this month a miss will not help me achieve them. True, I still believe that for my own peace of mind that it was the right thing to do, just letting it go though, is not something that I can stomach.

Okay, those papers along the top of the board are my goals for this year, they go from left to right. 

I have decided to use $2000.00 markers as smaller goals which work towards my overall goal of $18,000.00 in that account this year. This way with smaller, achievable goals this sets a pattern of success as I work towards my goal for the year. 

The three green papers on the lower left are my current status of my three accounts or rather will be once all bills are paid(Main, Mid-Term and Long-Term) That red paper beside the Long-Term is my IOU and that will stare me in the face until I have paid it off. 

I have decided that I will put aside what money I can salvage from my budget into my Mid-Term Savings and then once there is $1500.00 in there I will put $500.00 into the Long-Term Savings. All I have to do is do this three times and I have paid off that IOU and my Savings Plan will be back on track.

Being flexible with your financial plan is one thing, being reckless is another. I also don’t like the thought of not achieving a goal, so just skipping my Savings Plan this month doesn’t sit well with me. 

We shall see if I can pay this off before my Vacation to the coast this summer. Otherwise it will take longer to pay off, as I first want to have at least $1000.00 in that Mid-Term Savings account. 

Once my IOU is paid off I will continue to stuff extra cash in multiples of $50.00 into that Mid-Term Savings Account to build it up. This is supposed to be my emergency cash to live on in case I get suddenly unemployed or other life event arises which needs cash to resolve. 

That and it would be nice to save up for and buy a sparkling new laptop (fully tweaked out) with cash, rather than yet another credit card.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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