Tuesday 1 April 2014

Uncle Stephen Sat Me Down Today.

As I write this I am angry and logic would tell you that now is not the time to blog . . . so much for logic.

It has been a month since I filed my tax return and according to the tax software I was supposed to receive a little over $2000.00 back. I even voluntarily paid more than I was supposed to, in order to ensure that I would get a tax refund.

I just got off the phone with Revenue Canada and after updating my information with them and proving that I really am who I say I am (so far, so go, I have no problem with this).

I then asked why, if my return was processed on March the 15th that I have not received my notice of assessment or my refund. I was then informed that when you file electronically your address does not show up and is not updated (thus why the assessment did not get to me).

As to why I did not get my tax refund deposited to my account, I was told that was because I had balance owing of $16.00. When I asked how this could happen the phone system crashed and when I called back it was still offline. As of now I have no idea what happened or why.

That’s right, apparently I don’t pay enough taxes; I need to pay more. Those new ships won’t pay for themselves. All of that foreign aid money has to come from somewhere. Those senators and other politicians need to get their cash from somewhere, so why not from me.

I don’t need the money, I was just going to pay bills with it. After all, I am and always have been the one stuck paying the bill, I might as well pay this one.

Yes I will be going to H & R Block to find out what happened and demand a reassessment (I used their online tax software).

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  1. That is insane... HR Block supposedly has a guarantee, go jump down their throats.