Monday 21 April 2014

I Rode My Bike Yesterday

Sunday was a nice day and warm enough that I finally put off going for that first bike ride. I didn't go that far, as it was more of a ‘see if everything is working’ ride. That  and I realized as I pulled my bike out that I had thrown my helmet away back in January (it was falling apart).  

I decided to go for that ride anyway, just to get out there and remind myself how much I like riding through a park. It felt odd riding without a helmet or any kind of hat, (don’t do that at home kids). 

I plan to pick up a helmet before my next ride but I do hope to get into the habit of a daily ride. It doesn't have to be that long but a simple jaunt down in the park would do me good. 

I had Easter Dinner with the landlady and some of her family. It was nice to have some sort of family gathering and chat, even if they weren't my own.  

After that I went out for a soda with a friend of mine who happened to be in town for Monday for an appointment. It had been a while since I have seen her and it was nice to catch up. 

The ‘keeping the bank card locked up’ plan is sorta working. On weekends or after I get home I can still pull it out and go shopping. My spending has been reduced but not eliminated.  I am a work in progress. 

On the happy note, tomorrow is payday and I should be happily broke by midnight tomorrow. I plan on depositing my cheque, pay a few bills and make my first lump payment on a credit card. A start is a start.

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