Monday 14 April 2014

I am my Own Financial Worst Enemy.

I keep trying to save but I get discouraged or by something that I don’t really need. It starts when you are already below zero in the account and say, “What the heck, what’s a little more gonna hurt.” I keep trying to save but I end up trickling money out of my account.

This month, like the last one, will be a wash. I need to learn and stop this behaviour or a year from now I will still be in the same boat. I had planned on the tax refund to allow me to spend a bit that I didn’t have, true. The real problem is my own self spending and not really thinking about it.

I get the impulse and I go spend. I may try to keep only a limited amount of cash on me and lock my credit and debit cards away at home. That way, I can’t spend. The truth is that I need to focus and control my thinking, these days there are a thousand ways to pay and it is easy to cheat that system.

They say the first step in fixing a problem is to identify it, I spend habitually. It is almost a reason to get out of the house. With the warmer weather I hope to get out of the house to ride my bike or do something, anything that does not involve spending money.

I could say that I am just spending  because I can now after so long being financially restrained but I would have to be fair and say that this has been a constant problem, one which we all should: look at, identify and fix if we are to move financially forward.

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