Tuesday 1 April 2014

The Beancounter’s All Agree . . . I’m Screwed

I went to my local H & R Block office and talked to a very nice and knowledgeable Tax Associate there. She happily looked over my Tax Return (at no charge) and found that I had erred (Let it never be said that I don’t admit my mistakes).

Apparently I had shall we say, dropped a digit when I entered my CPP paid. That was what generated the false Tax Refund of $2000.00. I can only guess that bonuses throughout the year had bumped up what tax I was supposed to pay and sucked up the modest over-payment of taxes I apparently paid.

This does not eliminate my feeling of complete powerlessness when it comes to this current government. Nor does it explain why I must pay a full 25% of my income to one level of government or another for one form of tax or another (not counting: Sales Tax, Gas Tax, etc).

I am tired of the attitude from governments that as a taxpayer, I don’t need to eat or sleep indoors but I must pay whatever tax they dream up and eventually die.

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  1. A disappointing day, I'm sorry you had to go through it.