Monday 7 April 2014

The Kayak That Almost Was

I won’t touch on the whole tax-return business as I have succinctly covered it and proved why you do not blog when angry, but I hope that at least it has made for interesting reading.

My boss seemed to feel for me and gave me a bit of a bonus. Not a great amount but it was a nice lift. I didn't realize it until I had left the building on Friday, so I will thank him when I see him this morning.

He had mentioned that Costco has a particular Kayak (that I had been interested in) on sale. I know that he wanted me to get this and it would be fun to paddle about in my spare time.

I even asked the landlady if I could store it here. She agreed but seemed a bit nervous to have something so tempting in her yard. I knew that it would be best not to press my luck.

While I was tempted, I know that now is not the time to acquire assets that I can store with me. If anything happens and I must find another room to rent, I don’t want to ask “Where can I store my Kayak?”

While even the cheapest RV Trailer may seem like a bad idea, I could excuse it as “Plan Z.”

I busied myself with redesigning my improvised tie-downs on the truck. Let me say that the key rings were a bad idea . . . really bad. They stretched and deformed in ways that key rings shouldn't.

I replaced them with U-bolts. In the end I had to buy two of them, just so I could get an extra crosspiece. I wasn't complaining as at $1.54 a piece, buying 12 instead of 6 was did not break the bank.

With my bonus and not buying anything, I will be back on track this month. This will pull me out of the overdraft and let me put the extra money this month towards making an extra payment on my first credit card.

While it may be a bit of a dull existence, I need cheap for now. I am doing this so I can get those credit cards off my back and then do what I want to do. Once I am at a place where I only have my current expenses (and truck payment) I can take a bit of a risk and do something I want. First things first, stay the course and pay down my credit cards . . . . and take a bike ride down by the water.

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