Monday 31 March 2014

It Has Been a Frustrating Week.

I have been less vigilant in controlling my spending this week. I have eaten out at fast food places; I have bought some groceries and a few other things for the truck. None of them are that large. 

The frustrating thing is that I am still in the overdraft, so I shouldn't be spending any money on anything which is not absolutely essential. The other thing is the feeling of “what the heck/what difference will it make?” has seemed to settle in. This is something that I am working to keep in check. 

The thing which may help kick me out of this frustrating doldrums is that I am still waiting for my tax refund. Tomorrow will mark a month since I filed it. I am still hopeful that it will come in soon and it will be a refund and not a bill, like last year. 

When/if it comes in I could pay a considerable amount toward one credit card. That would at least let me feel like I am getting somewhere and not just in the hole, barely paying bills, like usual. 

The other thing is that I hate winter and while the cold months are not that long this year, it seems that spring will never come. I am not one who embraces winter and tend to hibernate when it gets cold. I need to work on the whole playing out in the snow thing, if I plan to stay out here on the Canadian Prairies. 

The beautiful thing about living on the Canadian Prairies is that when the warm weather does come it stays nice for months. When it comes to the rain, it will rain intensely for a short bit or barely sprinkle. You never really have to worry about it, not like out in Vancouver where it can rain intently for days and weeks. 

I am looking forward to the warm weather so I can go for a bike ride, go camping, hiking or even maybe canoeing/kayaking without getting frostbite/hypothermia.  

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