Monday, 22 April 2019

Electricity To Spare!

Okay, so I was worried about how things would go with me using power as my solar panels were charging Wanda’s New Batteries.

I was amazed at how things worked out and in fact it was and is a huge stress relief.

Here is what happened on Saturday Morning:

6:23 AM : 71% (Twilight)
8:00 AM : 90%
8:30 AM : 95%
9:00 AM : 100%

After that, my batteries remained charged even though I was listening to the radio, using my laptop  . . . even while plugged in. (Something I never do, as it is a waste of power.)

On a side note, I have long since learned that laptops charge faster while powered off, than they do while plugged in.

Anyways, I was able to just use power and not worry about it, all day my batteries remained fully charged, no matter what I did. It was great! 

What’s more is that I have noticed that one statistic on my charge controller keeps creeping up: the battery capacity rating (I think.) It is now at 2.6 KWH (Killowatt Hours).

All I know is that so far, I can just use electricity and the sun will charge them up the next day. 

This also bodes well for winter, as it doesn’t take all that long to charge them back to a full charge. 

The thing to remember about winter is two-fold. One is that the storage capacity of my batteries will drop in winter (so they will store less energy). 

The other thing is that there are more hours of darkness and less hours of light. 

This is well known, but in regards to a solar charging system, it means that there are more hours when I will be drawing power out of those batteries and less hours when I will be putting power into those batteries. 

Again, with all things, I will deal with problems as they arise and most likely I will just run to a campground to give the batteries a good charging up. 

I will try to resist the urge of buying another generator, as it seems like a waste to do at this time of the year, as clearly I don’t need it. 

That, my friends is a great thing to say and know, for as it stands, I have electricity to spare . . . and I don’t have to do a thing to get it. (And it’s free.)

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!


  1. So you can save on propane by purchasing a couple of low wattage (750w) space heaters (size doesn't matter, if they are wide and low it's better). Also an induction cooking surface will take up about 1500 watts or your microwave in low wattage mode.

  2. All great ideas if you are plugged into shore power (as in a steady source of 120 VAC).

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