Thursday 26 November 2020

The Small Moments Of Today

So, if you want to build the future, a better future for yourself and those you care about, do something about it today.

For the future is built in what you do here and now, today. I have learned that the way to get debt free, and now build wealth is to manage my finances as best as I can today.

If I manage things well this day, this week, this payperiod then that will move me one step forward towards my goals.

The next payperiod is the same, and so I will choose to still manage my finances well during that payperiod and in so doing take one more step forward.

So goes the process, one step forward each payperiod, which is an agonizingly slow process, yet when you look back to where I started, you can see that I have come a long way.

The same holds true to any great and bold change that you want to make in your life and in your world. Do small things today to move yourself towards your goal.

Here’s the real secret . . . keep doing that . . . every . . . day . . . repeat until you reach your goal.

The future is uncertain, even in the best of times, so while you can’t control the future, you can control what you do today. 

Change builds on change and success builds on success, so set up a pattern of building towards your goals into your daily life. 

Then you can’t help but succeed, but determination and dedication are the key to success, that and  . . . 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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