Thursday 5 November 2020

The Proposal, Part 4 (Final Part)

As mentioned in The Proposal, Part 1, we are trying to be prepared just in case we need to purchase land and start the homestead community sooner rather than later. This means that we are going to be doing some of our preparations sooner than we originally anticipated.

So, we are putting together a proposal for those are interested in joining us to consider.

We are actively seeking feedback! Please, let us know what you think! If you disagree with something, let us know, and give us some constructive criticism! 

Here goes the fourth (and final) part:

How Much Will It Cost?

    While we are still determining costs and initial lease amounts, here are some ideas that we are considering:

  1. We are not going to be sticking to a single size plot of land. We will be offering plenty of smaller plots, as we will be encouraging tiny homes and mobile homes, however, we acknowledge that the tiny lifestyle doesn't necessarily suit everyone, especially very large families or those who have family members with disabilities. So, we will be also offering a smaller selection of larger plots (exact sizes to be determined).

    Part of the value is that you not only own your own plot of land, but, you also get access to the community greenhouse, and other community facilities and supports.

  2. Looking at the smaller plots, for the sake of argument, we are considering each plot (roughly 66' x 33') to be worth $10,000, after development.

  3. Lease for that initial year, we are looking at around $100/mth for that same size plot. It is intended to be enough to only attract those who are serious about the lifestyle, however, not so much that someone who is leaving the city lifestyle could not reasonably afford it. This money would go directly into costs associated with developing the land for use of the community, including building materials, equipment, seeds and gardening supplies, initial set-up of off-grid utilities, etc.

    After that first year, we will re-evaluate the monthly cost to lease, however, the same principles apply – keeping it very affordable to live an off-grid, eco-friendly lifestyle, and we don't anticipate a huge change.

  4. We would like to point out that, while the community at large will assist with building your house, ultimately, you are responsible for it, including plans, materials and other costs (it's your house, you build it, but, you also get to take it away with you if you move, or sell it).

  5. Once utilities are in place (electricity, water directly to your house, sewer system, wifi), there will be a monthly cost for these, if you choose to hook up to it. As this is an off-grid community, it will be an off-grid system, privately owned and operated by the community.

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