Wednesday 4 November 2020

The Proposal, Part 3

As mentioned in The Proposal, Part 1, we are trying to be prepared just in case we need to purchase land and start the homestead community sooner rather than later. This means that we are going to be doing some of our preparations sooner than we originally anticipated.

So, we are putting together a proposal for those are interested in joining us to consider.

We are actively seeking feedback! Please, let us know what you think! If you disagree with something, let us know, and give us some constructive criticism! 

Here goes the third part:

What We Expect:

  1. Because we have a very strong community focus, we do require anyone over the age of 13 to provide the community with 20 hours per month of work in supporting food production in the community, as well as 20 hours in support of the community itself. These hours will be coordinated by the community, and will be geared towards the interests and abilities of the individual, also keeping in mind the needs of the community. An example of what this might entail could be: feeding chickens, hunting, communal cooking, minding younger members of the community, or helping in a “barn/house raising”. Those younger than 13 are not required to participate, however, are encouraged, based on maturity, desire, abilities, and geared towards what is appropriate for their age.

  2. We are also going to be a diversity-encouraging community. Racism and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. We will be accepting of alternative family arrangements, as well. The details of this will be discussed and agreed upon by the community, however, it will be based on the concepts of consent and “live and let live”.

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