Thursday 8 October 2020

Somebody Needs To Tell Me Where To Go...

Some of you know that I am a Registered Massage Therapist. I have been doing this for almost 11 years, now, and I love what I do! It is, however, a little hard on the body, and it has been creating some chronic injuries. 

That, combined with the state of the world, and the need to pivot my career to add something that can be done on-line if need be (as well as something that will be needed when we depart), and...  I've decided to go back to school! 

Now, school costs money, and I really don't want to get student loans, which means that I am (attempting) to do this by simply making monthly payments to the school. I also work at two different locations, and I have to be careful not to over-work my shoulder.

That means that I am: going to school 2 - 3 days a week, working at Location #1 (far SW of Calgary) 2 days a week, and working at Location #2 (far NW of Calgary) 2 days a week, plus one Saturday a month. 

Add in some doctor's appointments, project due dates, and, Oh! I am also volunteering for my massage therapy association... Let's just say that there's potential for things to go amok! 

Fortunately, I have a break right now, while the rest of the class learns anatomy and physiology!

So, with Geoff's amazing organizational assistance, we did a thing...

So, There's a large whiteboard calendar for the current month, with all of my shifts and school colour-coded, special days, appointments, etc. 

There's also a smaller whiteboard calendar for the following month, that only includes important discrepancies. And, a "To-do" board, so I can keep track of phone calls, appointments that I need to make, etc.

There's also a small cork strip running along the bottom of the main whiteboard. Many of you will recall Geoff's Goal Board, where he posts his goals, such as his countdown to the Grand Savings being fully funded. 

While mine is going to be a bit different, it's the same concept. I do have a couple of general goals, right now, although I need to work at drilling it down into smaller pieces.

I do like the look and function of my boards, and I think it will work very well. I've already had a few mornings where I had to pause in the car and figure out where I was headed!

Anything to help keep me out of trouble! 

As always, come join us in reaching for the future, and getting off of the hamster wheel!

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