Wednesday 21 October 2020

In Times of Troubles, Stick To Your Principles

So, as I have said, I am not unaware or unaffected in regards to the troubles and uncertainty that surround us these days.

I am still trying to figure out the best way forward, the best way to navigate all of this uncertainty. 

As I do that, I need to remove emotion from the mix and act on pure logic. As emotions will pull you astray and not be helpful in uncertain times.

So, I will do what I always do, I will fall back to my Fiscal Directives and just make my best judgment with regards to just what and how to save.

My first goal is to get to a place where I can buy the land and pay cash if I need to. That way at least I would have a place to start that homestead, if needed.

With regards to the long list of calamities that the current state of uncertainty may bring? 

Well, I will just make my best guess as to how to mitigate those risks as I move forward towards my goal.

I can’t and won’t do any rash or impulsive decisions as that is rarely a wise thing to do.

I just need to stick to my principles and move forward as I always have.

And resist the impulses to “run to the hills” or “stock up for the road warrior future.”

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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