Monday 9 December 2019

Weirded Out Of Western Home

So, there I was, standing in Western Home after doing my Friday Afternoon Running around. 

I looked around at the big box retail store parking lot that I usually stay for the weekends and something was wrong.

I noticed that everyone was gone. Don’t get me wrong, there were cars and shoppers there, but there were no RV’s or camper vans.

I know the usual crowd, or rather I know the usual RV’s and camper vans that I expect to see there.

Every last one of them were gone . . . not there . . . even the ones who don’t move and haven’t moved in months . . . if not years were gone.

This made me uneasy and so I inquired inside the Big Box Retail store with the few staff that know me or at least know the look of me.

None of them could, or would, give me a straight answer. 

So, I fell back on one of my rules: “If I don’t feel comfortable in a certain location, I will move.” 

There are many places to park but wherever I park, I have to be comfortable enough to sleep there.

So, after finishing up my grocery shopping, I went back to my Eastern Home, as in back to where I park during the work week.

Nobody bothers me there and I can get reliable Wi-Fi, so there is that.

The downside is that I am parking on the street and so I can’t put my slide-out out or put my stabilizer jacks down.

I will do the same thing this upcoming weekend, except that I will buy my groceries in the area where my Mailbox is located in.

So, that will save me some gas, as I will drive less, so that’s a positive.

However, the next time I fuel up will be after my Christmas Break, so I expect to spend about three months in fuel in that one fill up.

It is worth it as I do look forward to my Christmas Break.

Ah well, in the new year I will see if Western Home is safe to return to. After all, I have seen these things before and currently the pendulum is swinging towards “Stay away.”

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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