Thursday 12 December 2019

Counting Down to Christmas Break

So, here I am with this work week half over, and next week being the last before my Christmas Break. 

I have 7 working days (including today) to get through before I begin my Christmas Break.

I am focussed on that as these two weeks wind down. It is funny, but my next two paycheques will be decided before my Christmas Break begins.

This Friday is the closing of my December 22 Paycheque. 

Since I don’t work for the rest of this month (year) after I leave for my Christmas Break, I only have next week to earn any commission.

If this week is any indication, that may look a bit dismal. The other thing is that the difference between these two paycheques will be large in dollar amount as well.

The paycheque on the 22nd has less taxes taken off and has more cash in it. As I am moving still taking cash out of my Holiday Pay at work (it is the last of the three that I did).

The paycheque on the 7th will have less hours on it, less commission on it and more taxes taken off. I will be back up to somewhere around 27% taken off rather than 20 -22% now. 

I will make do with what I get and continue to move my Grand Savings Plan Forward, no matter what I get in my paycheque. 

I will really enjoy my Christmas Break though (8 days away).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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