Friday 13 December 2019

The Grand (Interval) Plan

So, I have been thinking a great deal on just how I should carry out my Grand Savings Plan.

As in, I keep wondering just what I should do. Just how to save? In what way should I save (what savings vehicles/investments).

I keep going back and forth and revamping my budgets in this way and that, investing in this, that or the other and seeing how it would impact and affect my Grand Savings Plan.

I have come to the conclusion that with this much uncertainty in the world, the best thing to do is to take my plan one piece at a time.

I still have the goal in mind, as in to save up enough to start my Homestead and be able to run it until it gets going and can somehow earn an income.

I will just take this Grand Savings Plan, one year at a time and review (this time each year) just what the plan for the following year should be.

This way I can still move forward, still build up my savings, but I am not committed to a long term plan. I am just doing it one year at a time.

I will still end up with my savings built up to a point that I am comfortable with, I just don’t know in what Savings/Investment Vehicles it will be just yet.

Or . . . exactly when I will be done. As it stands now, I am hoping to be done by the end of June 2024, but I may be forced to push things until spring/summer of 2025.

Unless of course I win the lottery, or a spontaneous Crowdfunding Campaign raises the $150K - $200K that is my overall target 

(Even if only to just shut me up and move this blog on to the next and more exciting phase).

But seriously, this is just what I need to do, take this Grand Savings Plan one year at a time and review the plan each year. 

It’s just what I need to do.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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