Friday 17 May 2019

The Return of Running Water

So, this weekend, or rather just tonight, I will be de-winterizing Wanda. I will be going to a campground (with the help of a friend) just for tonight.

I will finally be getting my fresh water system up and running. Now, in order to do that, I need access to a full hook up campsite. 

In times gone by I have gone to the campground for the weekend, but this is not necessary now. 

Since I have electricity, via the solar charging system, the treat of having electricity is gone.

Once I have my fresh water system up and running and water in my fresh water tank, I’m good for a while. 

So, I will just go there tonight and this afternoon I will do the actual de-winterizing process, and tomorrow I will return to my Lakeside Home, for the remainder of the long weekend. 

While it may get cold, I am fairly certain it will not get colder than -10C for the next few months, so freezing pipes are a minimal risk. 

If worst comes to worst, then I will just move to a campground for the duration of the cold snap. 

I will choose to focus on the positive and the fact that I will have the luxury of running water . . . in my house. 

As always: Keep your head up,  your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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