Monday 13 May 2019

Satellite Radio Installation Complete!

Okay, so this weekend the guy who installed my solar panel charging system came out and completed the installation of my satellite radio!

Sure, all he had to do was install the antenna on the roof and run the wire down to the satellite radio itself. 

The trick is that he knows how to put holes in my roof (properly) so as to ensure that the cable and only the cable goes down through that hole. 

Again, putting holes in things is the easy part, sealing them up is the tricky bit. That ability is worth something to me, so that is why I paid him to do it.

This is how it is done properly.

As you see the cable is secured and the hole is sealed with sealant. That is to ensure that the cable does not flop around as well as to ensure that the hole remains sealed.

Also the antenna itself (that black box) is held down by some epoxy, so as to ensure that it won’t flop around. 

As a result, I have the satellite radio installed and all cables are hidden in the walls. I still have to find a way to seal up those holes in the wall, but I can do that in a bit.

It is just nice to be able to relax with the choice of music that satellite radio offers. All while not using up the data on my cell plan or having to find decent Wi-Fi.

I can now listen to radio and get power no matter how far out or remote I am. As long as I can get sun, I can get both my batteries charged and listen to the radio.

This is one of those niceties that I am treating myself with . . . sparingly.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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