Friday 3 May 2019

Ah, The Weekend, But When Will It Start?

It is Friday and so this means that the weekend is almost here. For me it will start this afternoon, yet exactly when, I don’t know.

You see, in times gone by, as in when I was hired, I was told that we finished work at 1:30. 

Fine, yet at that time it was just me and Boss here. Boss went out for coffee and to run errands on Fridays. 

Again, fine, no problem, yet Boss would usually come back after 1:30. 

What’s more is that Boss had instructed me to stay and not just close up if Boss was not there by my scheduled end of shift came (1:30).

So, I started to simply plunk in my end of shift time for 2:00. I figured that since I was not allowed to leave when my end of shift came, I would bill Boss for the extra time.

This continued until recently, (as in, within the last year) Boss has started to try to get us out ever earlier. 

At first it was the hard 1:30 leaving time (making sure that we marked it in our time sheets). Again, this is fine and something that Boss, as my employer, has a right to do.

Yet, in ever more recent months, Boss has “let us go” at 1:00, whenever it is slow enough. 

Sure Boss says the phrase “You can pack up and leave now” but I have learned that the response “No, I’m good; I can stay till the end of my shift,” is neither appreciated, nor respected.

So that is a dismissal, as in, you ARE leaving in a few minutes.

Which means, a cut in pay without telling us or talking to us about it. It is a little game that we play as in “Will we get a pay cut today or not?” 

Ah well, I just look at the brighter side of things and look at the good things that are in my life, as in, how good things are going for me.

Yet, there are always little annoyances, like random (yet premeditated) pay cuts.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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