Monday 6 May 2019

Satellite Radio Installed!

Okay, so I did get my Satellite Radio Installed (mostly) and that was a nice thing to accomplish.

So here is in essence what I did, I mounted the satellite radio to the wall above the TV yet below the cabinet. It is in an area that I can see it, yet I can also access it.

I ran the wires down through the wall to the back of the stereo that came with Wanda and plugged it into the back of it there.

To run the wires I first drilled the holes up near the satellite radio itself is mounted. I then tied a screw around a bit of string and shoved it in the hole.

This way the screw would fit through the hole, yet is heavy enough to drop down the wall. I reached into the cabinet that is behind Wanda’s Stereo and grabbed the string.

After removing the screw, I could tie that string to the cable to be dragged, up, making sure to tie it in such a way that would make the ‘pointy end’ of said cable point towards the string, and therefore hole.

I did this for the power cable and the audio cable.

The rest was wiring up the necessary bits and hiding it behind Wanda’s Stereo.

I installed a small strip of LED Flex Strip (some extras from work) onto the side of the cabinet and placed it next to the switch that I put there to turn on and off the satellite radio.

Here is the quick and simple wiring diagram of how I did it.

I bought and installed a 12V to 12V DC to DC converter in there, so as to ensure that no matter what the voltage level that Wanda’s batteries are at, that the satellite radio will always get a steady and stable 12V DC

The antenna still needs to be run up the wall and mounted on the roof. That will be done by the RV tech that installed the solar panels on Wanda’s roof for me.

So for now I have the antenna strung across the place and sitting next to the window, but all in all, I am pleased with how it all went in and works.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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