Wednesday 3 October 2018

Yeah, It Snowed

So, it snowed yesterday and we all had to deal with it. You see, in a 36 hour period it snowed quite a bit, again, such is life (at least life on the prairies).

So here is what my truck looked like after work. It had been snowing for about 24 hours by this point. 

Doesn’t look that bad, right? This is what it looked like after I started to brush the snow off.

I had to move because the city declared a “snow route parking ban” meaning that you can’t park at all on any of bus routes. Since work is on a bus route, I had to move.

I decided to move in the evening yesterday, to be safe and do so without any traffic. 

It got dark fast and so after I cleaned the truck off and moved, here is what the truck looked like.

I will be getting my ladder out tonight and brushing the roof of Wanda off. I just wanted to wait until I was sure all of the snow was done falling and it was daylight.

This morning, this is how much snow had fallen just overnight. 

I will be here until the weekend as it makes sense and the “snow route parking ban” lasts for 72 hours or until they either cancel it early or extend it.

The one thing about living in a trailer and parking so close to work is that:

1. I never have to worry about traffic or bad weather hampering my ability to get to work.
2. I have no excuse to be late . . . ever.

Ah well, I do save on gasoline though.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

PS: due to all of this snow, I have already cancelled my plans to head to Banff this weekend. Call me chicken, but I’m not risking it.

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