Monday 22 October 2018

Total Debt Freedom Day (1st Anniversary)

Yes, yes, my friends it is now officially one year since I have become Totally Debt Free! It has been a bit of a rocky start to the year, but all in all, I have done well. 

First of all I have remained Totally Debt Free, and that is something. I have had my challenges and run up a credit card a bit over the past year, but all in all I am okay.

All credit cards are paid off and I continue with my practice of paying off all outstanding balances in full each and every payday.

I am building up my savings and have maintained my Personal Overdraft in my Main Account. 

I have built up my Personal Line of Credit to my reasonable personal emergency fund. 

The best thing of all is that as of today, I will be activating my Long Term Account and putting my savings into it (until my TFSA is maxed out).

In the beginning of the year I did spend, but mainly on things that I should have done before. Such as repairs to Wanda, a new mattress (fantastic). 

Yet there was also the new computer that I probably shouldn’t have. I find that if it is not a laptop, with its own internal battery, that it is not a practical computer for me to have. 

Anyways, I digress, but the main thing is that the financial lessons and tools that got me debt free, are still being employed to help me build my savings. 

I am also proud to say that as of today, I will be at 10% of my overall savings target on my Grand Savings Plan!

I do not say these things to brag, as that is not my style. Rather, I say all this to show that it is possible to not only get debt free but stay debt free, all while still working your regular 9-5 job (no extra income required).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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