Friday 12 October 2018

Weekend Warm-up-ish

So, it is the weekend and I am celebrating that last night it did not dip below zero (yay). 

Also, for this weekend it will get warmer (sorta) and I will take that, more specifically, I will take the fact that the overnight lows will not dip below zero.

Next week we should get warmer temps, into the double digits, and that is something to celebrate. 

I have no idea what the weather or the future will be. All I can do is prepare for both the best that I can, and deal with whatever comes.

That is all that any of us really can do, because all we can do is control (as best as we can) our present, and in so doing, help shape our future. 

After all, the direction that you start walking in now, is where you will be headed in the future, so you might as well pick a good destination . . . come what may.

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