Tuesday 2 October 2018

Meh, It Snowed

I went to bed with green grass that was slightly wet out my door and woke up to a healthy blanket of snow. 

Again, not that big of a deal in the city where I live but would shut down Vancouver (couldn’t resist). 

Sure, we grumble and complain and all that, and there is the trouble of keeping the roads clean when the snow keeps coming down.

But we just deal with it and life rolls along, albeit a bit slower and a bit more slippery, but life rolls (or slides) along.

I am happy that I was still parked in my place near work and so I just had to break out my snow boots and clomp on to work, as per usual.

I’m counting on a nice warming spell sometime soon to get rid of this white stuff.

I still have my site booked for Banff this weekend, and had intended to get away to the mountains for the long weekend. 

With the dumping of snow they (and the highway to them) are getting and continue to get I am wondering about cancelling my weekend away plans.

I will make a call tomorrow and either decide to go or no go then. 

Things will be okay, and I will continue to just clomp on ahead and just deal with whatever comes my way. 

While I keep trying to delude myself each and every spring that winter will never ever come again, I know that it does and will do so, shockingly soon.

Yet, this is where I am and this is what I have to deal with in order to get ahead. I am dedicated to my goals. 

I know that if I can just tough it out for four more years (massive crowdfunding campaign notwithstanding) that I can and will build up my savings to my savings target.

Then I can actual go forth and start that town that I want to start (the town for science) in very meagre and very humble beginnings, but at least it would be started. 

So what does a couple of (real) snowflakes think they can do to stop me? Bring all of your (real) little snowflake buddies and pile up outside my door. I will still clomp on ahead.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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