Thursday 12 July 2018

Wanda Day Has Arrived Again!

Today is Wanda Day. This means that it was 4 years ago today that I moved into Wanda Full-Time! 

It is also on this day that I take stock of what I have accomplished in the past year. 

It was a year ago that I was on the home stretch of paying off Wanda (my last and largest loan).

If I remember correctly I was worried about not being able to make the day that I had set for myself to be debt free. 

The exact date kept moving around and in the end it was October 22, 2017. 

Here I am now on this auspicious day of the next Wanda Day and I am now focussed on the insane task of spending yet another 4 years in Wanda.

All for the hope, the chance to be able to break the cycle of lifelong debt slavery for not just me but all those who settle in my town.

Okay, perhaps that was a bit over the top but I am working on my salesmanship. The idea really is to start a place where people are taken care of and work without the stress of bills and debts as they assist in building a bright future for everyone.

Again, perhaps sounding a bit over the top but that is what I am working towards. I take stock that I have survived in Wanda for four years and four winters, and I will survive many more, if needed. 

All I have to do is . . . 

Keep my head up, my attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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