Wednesday 18 July 2018

I’m At 3.4%

Well, it’s somewhere to start from, but that is where I am staring at. I am at 3.402% of my savings goal. 

I have made yet another spreadsheet to keep track of my savings. Not only does it do that but it calculates my current percentage of my savings target.

It is a way to track my progress but also remind me that I am making progress. So yeah it is an accounting and encouraging tool. (Message me if you want a copy).

Each payday I will update it with what I have actually put into (or taken out of) my savings: as in my Mid-Term or Long-Term Accounts.

At which point my Percentage of Target will change, and so I will see progress however minimal each and every payday. 

I expect to be at 5% by the payday on August 7, but I won’t be at 10% until the payday of Oct 7. 

Again, progress is slow and steady, as it has always been on my journey (large crowdfunding campaign *hint, hint* or lottery win notwithstanding).

I will close with saying that I am on track and on target to make my savings goal at some point in 2022 and that is what matters.

Whether or not I make the day of April 7, 2022 to reach my savings goal is another matter, and less important. Making the goal at all is.

(However slow the progress or how long it takes).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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