Tuesday 17 July 2018

Happy Anniversary To Me

Okay, so yesterday was the first day in a new payperiod. So, as the tradition goes, all of us employees (all three of us) put our timesheets for the just ended payperiod on Boss’s desk.

Typically closer to or even on the final business day before payday (typically on payday) Boss will create our paycheques and hand them out. 

Sometimes our paycheques will be waiting for us on our desks when we arrive for business on Payday. 

The one thing I have never had to do is ask for/demand my paycheque or wonder if it will bounce. I still check the numbers on it to ensure that it is correct (it always has been).

So, imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, Boss issued our paycheques on this the first day of the new payperiod. 

Our cheques will not be valid until Sunday, but we at least have it in our hands. For me this means I can finalize my budget for the upcoming payperiod (starting on Sunday).

Yet, this upcoming paycheque is a special one in that it is now officially 3 years since my last raise. 

(Made official by the fact that my hourly rate on this cheque was unchanged).

Now, if there was ever a time when raises would be doubtful our current unstable economic climate would be it.

I will be fair and say that sales have ticked along and inched up, so my paycheque has lumbered along. 

Yet with my ever more reliance on my commission on sales (sales I have no control over) means that sales are becoming less and less of a luxury and more and more of a necessity (paycheque wise).

Inflation is essentially the cost of living, yet the one thing that never seems to keep up with inflation is my wage, and I know that I am not alone.

It does not matter what you make, if you are not given the cost of living increase (that everyone should get) then you are working for less.

Yet with your increased experience in your field and with your particular company, you are worth more to that company.

Sure, with my current lifestyle I can handle the steady increases in the cost of living. (for me the cost of fuel, propane and groceries are where I am hit the most).

Yet I did not start living this lifestyle to make myself cheaper for the company and Boss. I did this for me, to get my hiney ahead.

I will continue and persevere, for four years at least (or so the current plan states) until I can start that town in order to end debt slavery for all who come.

Until them I must continue to trudge forward, a freeman in a debt slavery land.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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