Thursday 5 July 2018

The Orphan Annie Budget

Okay, so as I have touched on, things are a bit tight now, in so far as sales at work have been slow as of late. 

This affects my paycheque as part of my paycheque comes from commissions on online sales (sales that I have no control over).

In “normal” times I can just boldly go forth with my expectation budget of expecting to make Budgetary Minimum during this payperiod.

Yet, in time like this, that method becomes rather depressing. 

You see, I have a tab on my timesheet spreadsheet that guestimates what my paycheque will look like right now. (As in, if no more sales are made).

As the days tick on I check that tab to see how close I am to my target. These days I am limping along, yet always looking like I will fall far short of my Budgetary Minimum.

Now, these days I am far from where I was five years ago, where I would be in serious trouble if I did not make my Budgetary Minimum.

So, I have decided to change things around. I will start from the most depressing number of my estimated paycheque (as in at the start of the timesheet with no sales in there) and watch that grow as the payperiod goes forward.

This way I get to see my paycheque grow each day rather than watch my paycheque shrink as I cut my estimations further and further.

I always balance my budget, so this will not screw up my future payperiod budgets. If my paycheque is smaller, all it means is less money going into savings. 

This will push my “Freedom Day” off a bit, but that is all. My bills will be paid and I will have food to eat and be able to live. To do that still only requires around 10 – 20% of my take home pay.

So I will go forth with this “eternal optimist budget” named after a certain redheaded orphan. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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