Tuesday 31 July 2018

Curbing Trickle Spending

Okay, so I have developed a slight habit of raiding the next pay period’s budget in order to spend now. 

How I have been doing this is by just putting small charges on my credit card. When I was carrying a balance on the credit card, this was easily overlooked.

Yet, since I have paid off the credit cards (both of them) in full (yet again) this is harder to do. So, I have decided to just stop doing that.

I have a thing of always maintaining a positive balance in my Main Account (as in, over $1000.00 in that account). 

(FYI: Less than $1000.00 in the Main Account is my Personal Overdraft).

So, what I have decided to do in order to give me some of the “pain of the spend” is to force me to spend these little trickle spends out of that Main Account.

This will have the desired effect and I will be back on track soon enough. I am not doing anything crazy, just little bits here and there, all of which add up.

I am on track to fully funding my Mid-Term Account by the end of next month (August). 

After that I will start to build up my Long-Term Account (yet technically keep those funds in my Mid-Term Account until I have the minimum $5000.00 balance required before the bank will pay any interest.)

On any rate, we can all understand how these little trickle spends can drain your account and they have been the source of my fiscal destruction in decades past.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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