Wednesday 25 July 2018

Savings Priorities

Okay, so I have a few things on the go and they all revolve around putting cash away. 

The first of all is The Grand Savings Project, this is my Crossroads Goal. 

This is my drive to save up enough to buy the plot of land that I want and begin to found my town. Let me break that number down for you.

$50,000 for a Quarter Section of land (160 acres.)
$50,000 for Farming Equipment (To grow food for profit and to feed the population.)
$50,000 for supplies, living expenses and building materials for the initial, buildings.

Total: $150,000.

Again, this is an approximate budget but this is what I have and will go on. I plan to buy cheap and buy used whenever and wherever. 

All I have to do is just to get started and I can grow and upgrade from there. Anyone who has played any sort of “Strategy Game” (as in: Warcraft, Starcraft, or the like) will know what I am talking about. 

But I digress (as usual) the next thing I have going is to take care of the now, as in what would happen if I was suddenly unemployed (for any one of a thousand reasons, 9998 of them not my fault).

That is where I have two new milestone goals: 

1. To put $10,000 in my Mid-Term Account (to act as my personal line of credit). 
2. To put $10,000 in my Long-Term Account (to earn me a higher rate of interest). 
3. To save up 2 Years of Living Expenses.

I should be done Milestone Goal #1 by the end of next month (August) and be done Milestone Goal #2 by the end of November.

The combination of the tow of these will achieve my Milestone Goal #3, the one that has been there for a while. 

I will continue to build up my savings but until I have achieved all three of these Milestone Goals I will not rest easy.

I will be able to relax the further I pull away from those three Milestone Goals because at least with savings I will be okay (total collapse of the fiscal system notwithstanding).

This is another example of how Milestone Goals and Crossroads Goals work together and interact. 

For one marks your progress as you clomp on towards the other.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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