Thursday 9 November 2017

The Changing Is The Hardest Part

Over the past few days I have noticed a pattern. I am fine when I am in whatever mode that I am in. 

If I am in my work clothes, I’m fine. If I am in my warm weather clothes, I’m fine. If I am in my sleeping bag, I’m fine. 

It is when I am changing from one mode to another, that I am not fine. 

Okay, a good portion of this is because at that moment I am stripped down to my skivvies in a deep freezer. 

A part of it is also the fact that it is at that moment that the comfortable becomes uncomfortable. That, in itself, is the essence of why we resist change.

Before we change we are comfortable, perhaps not happy or well-off, but comfortable. After we change we begin to become comfortable, comfortable in our new reality, our new situation. 

It is during the change, during that time of turmoil and upheaval that our world is thrown into a tizzy, that we are most certainly not comfortable. 

So, what this comes down to is that our fear of change is really our fear of being uncomfortable; of the unknown that a change can bring. 

A few things to think about the next time you are resisting making a good change.

(I still hate winter and I still hate the cold . . . but I can manage in it.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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